Curriculum Vitae

                          BRINDUSA  ARMANCA


Istoria recentă în mass-media. Frontieriștii, Ed. Marineasa, 2009 (coperta IV)

Brîndușa Armanca


BRINDUSA ARMANCA is a Romanian academic and journalist. Holding a PhD at the University of Bucharest, 
she is teaching TV journalism and Media Ethics in
Arad and Timisoara State Universities.
Author of 6 books and several researches in journalism. Manager of TVR Timisoara , the Western regional studio,
former member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian public television,
she is currently director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest.
She worked also for Radio Free Europe, for Express weekly, for ZIUA daily in
Bucharest as editorial director etc.
Member of IREX board for Media Sustainability Index, member in Management Committee of COST A30,
contributor of Independent Study for Media Pluralism in the Member States-Towards a Risk-based,
member in several international juries as Prix Europa
and Dialektus Festival,
she holds many awards for TV documentaries and journalism.

 Has written over 3500 articles and authored hundreds of radio programs in about 14 years of journalism practiced with Expres, Radio Free Europe,Temesvari UJ SZO, Orizont, ZIUA and others;

Has published 6 media and litterature books: Recent History through Media: the Border-crashers, Marineasa Printing 2008, Media Culpa, Curtea veche Editing House, Bucharest, 2006, Learn to win, Curtea Veche Editing House 2006, Cripto’s Message, Curtea veche Editing House, Bucharest 2005,
The Regional Television in Romania
,   Mirton Printing House 2002,
A Communication Guide for Journalists &PR, Mirton Printing House 2002

6 years as a director of RTV Timișoara: first steps towards regionalization of the public TV program; authored the first volume Regional Television in Romania ; training and degrees in management, TV production, copyright (in Holland, France, UK, USA, Greece etc.); directed documentary films such as Timișoara Little Vienna; Holi; The Border Crashers; The Retourn of the Kangaroos, Timișoara - La Boheme;  Brittle Borderlines; Maria Bălan’s Uzdin; Notes by Flondor; Conviviality, City Folks from Timisoara

Got  many TV prizes and ten  more cultural distinctions; initiated and organized TeleVest Festival for 6 years

15 years of journalism as a university staff, teaching Media Ethics, ews techniques in TV broadcasting, as permanent owner of such positions with the University of the West in Timișoara, University of Sibiu and State University of Arad (having trained in France, UK, USA, Hungary, Belgium);

Detaining the nominalization as media expert, in  EU’s Experts Catalogue; quoted in 1999 to 2002 Freedom House’s Guide to Media in Romania;

Authored a large number of journalism studies, literature criticism and translations;

 Member of a number of civil and professional organizations as TI Romania, Videovest, ICA etc.;